Saturday, January 26, 2008

Psych Cartoon... :)

J.J. Sedelmaier Production Inc (JJSP) and 8 Hats High team up to complete Animated shorts for USA Network's "Psych" called The big adventures of lil shawn and gus.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bobby B Well - New Adventures

8 Hats High creates 2 x(4 min) brand new animated adventure of "Bobby B. Well" for Moses Anshell and the Arizona Department of Health Services. Both cartoons titled "Grocery Store Adventure" and "Bobbycize!" focus on educating children how to shop healthy with mom and how to excercise while having fun. Both cartoons were also animated in both English and Spanish to reach out to a broader enviroment. You can view some other exciting activites and videos on their website


Grocery Store Adventure

Client: Arizona Department of Health
Agency: Moses Anshell
Animation Production: 8 Hats High Animation & Production
Director: Glen Steinmacher
Producer: John Grimaldi Jr.

Take Pride Adventure Learning

8 Hats High completes animation for a new educational program called "Iread". Created by Generation Next Education, 8 Hats High was responsible for creating animation of Animals and enviroments that would help kids learn Letter recognition using shapes and sound, rhyming, segmentation, phonemic awareness, and animals from Rain forest, Africa and the San Diego Zoo.

To learn more check out their website