Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Orange County Partnership 2011 Tour Highlights

What an exciting day for 8 Hats High! Here are some highlights behind the scenes for the Orange County Partnership's 2011 Broker Tour...

Orange County Partnership: Celebrating their 25 Year

Setting up the Equipment

It was a good day. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Orange County Partnerships Virtual Tour | TH-Record

Yesterday we launched a project we completed for OC Partnership. Take a look at the press they recieved...

Congrats Everyone.

Times Harold Record Article

Special Thanks to all that worked on this project. You all Rock.

Friday, June 3, 2011

8 Hats High Casting Call!!!

Accepting submissions all week long, send in or contact at any time! Mon-Friday 9:00 am - 7:00pm

8 Hats High is shooting a small commercial and are looking for 6 main characters. Please view description and if you or someone you know might be interested please contact me: sonha@hatshigh.com *female child (6-8 yrs. old)
*male child (3-5 yrs. old)
*female (30 yrs. old)
*male (mid- 30's)
*female (elderly)
*male (elderly)
A few notes:
- keep in mind that the female child needs to be very articulate, she will be the main actor of the commercial.
-we prefer to have the talents live close by in and the surrounding orange county ny and hudson valley area (just looking out for the commuters, don't want you guys driving far, but if you're still interested... come on down!).
-this is for a non-for- profit group. :-)
-please submit a headshot with contact information, reliable e-mail is acceptable, no facebook - sorry :-(.... and height info.
-headshot photos do not have to be professional, as long as it's a frontal photo to where the face can be clearly seen would be great! at least a 3 month old photo so it's current.
-any changes in photos should be addressed ie: you had curly hair 3 months ago and now you have dreads... please note that ;-) it might or might not work for our client, you never know..
-we are looking for a diverse group of talent, so no matter what size, age, race or height you are... send over some headshots!
-we know you want to do it, so whether you want to hang out with the 8 Hats High Animation staff for a week, have bragging rights, or want to build a portfolio, send in your headshot. It's a great portfolio builder being that this is for a non-for-profit group, so you will be contributing time to a good cause and gain some face time in the process! either way... you're a winner!

it's the summer time, come do something different! Visiting some relatives for the summer in Orange County and baby cousins getting on your nerves? Send in a headshot. just do it.
- sonha@8hatshigh.com