Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The New York Crew Invades San Diego

8 Hats High recently invaded the beautiful city of San Diego over the weekend.

We were invited for the introduction of Cindy Coleman's project: "I Know" created by Generation Next, at the San Diego Zoo, in which we created the animation for.
Check out this amazing educational system here:

The Premier was a success and we were all excited to be a part of it.

We also were excited to be invited to spend the day with some friends at the San Diego Zoo.

Thank you to Cindy, Daryl, Fabio and crew for having us! We had a great time and enjoyed all that San Diego had to show us!

See you soon!

Ode to our Cyclo Wall

You're dimensions are
25' X 25' X 16'
You are bigger than us
but you aren't mean

We dream of dances
in paradise with you
We lie in wait
hoping you'll be ready soon

farscapes with unicorns
it's all possible to do
sliding down rainbows
we want to do it all with you!

We can't wait any longer
so hurry up and get ready
come along with us
as we begin this journey!

We are in the final stages to completing our wall. Just one more step!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Big Eye Dummies

Finally a toy thats so sick, its lovable. Big Eye Dummies is created by one of our good old friends, Dave Lipson. Dave how dare you make a great lovable toy. If only i knew more about your sewing skills, i wouldnt have thrown out those ragged old army pants of mine. congratulations on all the success. This product truely is great and best of luck in your bright toy making future.

Take a look at these great products


Declare Yourself!

8 Hats High is proud to annouce our animation already in production. 2 x 2 min cartoons for DeclareYourself.com. Keep your eyes peeled for more information. Declareyourself.com ...


Smart Communications - Animation 1 - 5

More Animation created by 8 Hats High. Thanks for all the hard work everyone.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

////////CREDITS ////////
8 Hats High Animation & Production, Inc.

Eric Serviss

Director/ Producer
John Grimaldi Jr

Casting/ Production Coordinator
Sonha Bowen

Background Design
Elliot Byrne

Background Painter
Rob Crump

Music Composer/ SFX
Quanah Hicks

Animation / Compositor
Kyle Bennington
Sonha Bowen
Leija Kraai
John Grimaldi Jr.