Thursday, June 5, 2008

Berkeley College Animation

8 Hats High is to Animate 5 x 1.5 Min cartoons focusing on educating young adults about proper Etiquette in the real world.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for an Infinity Cyclorama Wall! Aaaaahhh!

So, here we are, early summer and the weather is juuuust right to dip your feet into a cool lake on a hot day, enjoy a relaxing breeze and go boating, get a nice glowing tan at the beach, slump into a comfortable chair and read a good book while sipping on some refreshing home made lemonade, enjoy some music while relaxing under a shady tree, play hide 'n seek with your cousins, even though you are 12 years older than them and you leave to go out to eat while they're still hiding or....

build a 25x25x16 cyclorama wall in our studio. Here is proof of our progress:

The beginning stages of framing and forming the wall. The beginning stages of framing and forming the wall.

Look at that wonderfully crafted scaffold.

Under structure

Whew! This is just about done!

So far, so good. As we begin to prepare for the summer, the Cyc wall is preparing to take on 8 Hats High. Cyc should be just about ready to Keep watch upon completion and more exciting adventures of the Cyc wall!

Stay Tooned!

Monday, June 2, 2008

MoCap has arrived!!!

It’s a MOCAP!

MOCAP (which in industry term is short for "motion capture") has finally arrived at 8 Hats High. The CEO of Organic Motion along with software engineers of MOCAP Stage came by on May 15th to install our MOCAP system. It was a 2 day process to set up which was fully complete on May 16th. Part of the system first arrived via delivery truck on the 14th carrying 230 pounds of aluminum frames.

Setting up the frames was no problem at all.

Go Team, Go!

We had some rough times....

We had some good times...

And we had some cool times!

Motion Capture Stage does not use markers.

Stage uses lights and cameras to track a subject’s movement in real time.