Thursday, March 20, 2008

MOCAP is coming!!!!

Decision: After many months of heavy, sometimes even violent deliberation and careful planning.... 8 Hats High has decided to add another member to the family. Finally, towards the end of April, we will be getting our first Motion Capture Unit called Stage!
We have been redesigning the studio getting it prepared for the arrival of the MoCap system and alongside that, continued building our cyclorama wall which is near its completion: (if you don't believe, check out the pic below for proof)

The other side of this studio, which in total is 3200 square feet., is where our system will be placed. We are also preparing ourselves by learning new techniques and exploring the exciting innovative world that is called 3D animation. Come step into the 3D world with us, it's amazing here!
I will keep pics posted so check us out!
Arrival: Sometime after April Fools Day!

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